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Testimonials for Simply Chopped Snack Bars


Bailey Koch, RD, CSP, LD

Registered Dietitian Board Certified in Pediatric Nutrition President, Atlanta Pediatric Nutrition, Inc.

As a pediatric dietitian I am always looking for a healthy, filling snack that can provide my patients with enough energy to make it from one meal to the next given their busy schedules. I am happy to say that I have found it in the Simply Chopped bars. Made of dried fruit, oats and nuts as well as being free from any chemicals or additives including no sugar or salt, these bars provide enough energy to last a person approximately 3-4 hours. The combination of high fiber, healthy fat, healthy carbs and protein from said ingredients slow the rate of digestion. This allows the nutrients to enter a person’s bloodstream at a slower rate which prevents spikes in blood sugar. Because of the slower rate of digestion, the food sticks with you for a longer period of time. Your body is getting heart healthy fats from the nuts and lots of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals from the dried fruit which is an added bonus. The bars are over 50% organic, clean label, gluten free and dairy free. And did I mention that they taste delicious? My patients always have a difficult time going from the school day straight into after school activities and often skip a much needed snack simply because they “don’t have enough time” or “don’t have room in their locker or backpack for an extra snack”. Most teenage athletes will burn a minimum of 400 calories in 1 hour of running, biking, playing soccer, basketball or football. An after school snack is a MUST for these kids in order for their performance to be the best it can be. Simply Chopped bars are compact so can easily fit into a child’s backpack without taking up too much room. In addition to being a great choice for my patients, I have found them helpful for myself as they fit easily in my purse side pocket and I can pull it out during the workday when I don’t have time to stop for lunch. I carry one with me when traveling so I don’t have to succumb to the unhealthy options in airports!


Vijay Ganji, PhD, RD

Based on nutritional information and ingredients you have supplied:

These bars are rich in energy due to the presence of dates. Dates supply energy (sugar) to the body in a sustained fashion due to presence of fiber. Because these bars also contain oats and almonds, fiber from these foods helps absorb sugar in a sustained fashion over a period of time.

Blueberries and cranberries supply very valuable phytochemicals, antioxidants, and B-vitamins to the body. These improve immune system, help improve cognitive function, and help in generation of energy from carbohydrates, fats and proteins.


Seretta Crutcher LMT MHA

Dietician Licensed Massage Therapist

“I always educate my clients on the importance of eating a well-balanced meal along with healthy snacks. Simply Chopped snack bars have proven to be number one my list!! Adding a Simply Chopped snack bar to your daily regimen can help to increase metabolism, maintain weight goals and aid in overall health & wellness.  The specific combination of ingredients is what I was drawn too.  It’s wonderful to have more gluten free snack options that are not only extremely satisfying but delicious."


Freddie McCray

IFBB Professional (International Federation of Body Buildng and Fitness)

"His background includes not only being a Respiratory Therapist helping many in need at the hospital, but he has taken steady and fast to the gym with the utmost of dedication and sacrifice helping people along the way with exercise tips and strategies (the healthy natural way)!  As a supporter of Simply Chopped snack bars, he states, “Simply Chopped snack bars have a great balance between nuts, dates, oats, spices and honey. An excellent blend of mother nature’s ingredients in the perfect combination for workouts.”

Holly Adams

Ultra-Marathon Runner, Cardiology Nurse Practitioner, Wife, Mother
Bartram 100 mile Race, 4th Place

“Simply Chopped bars are the perfect size to carry with you on a short hike or during a 100 mile race. It's like having your own aid station right in your pocket.  Plus, they taste great and pack the perfect amount of carbs to keep you going strong all the way to the finish. I like knowing the ingredients are sourced responsibly and result in a delicious treat I can enjoy off the trails as well.”

Daria Snack

World Traveler, Senior Manager at a Fortune 500 Company

“Simply Chopped Snack Bars are simply delicious! They are my favorite travel take-along snack. The bars are convenient and easy to carry, whether in a pocket, purse, computer bag or suitcase. When I travel I always make sure I have my Simply Chopped bars because I often don't know when my next meal will be, or what might be served (eeek!). They are a great energy boost and appetite satisfier, whether it's due to different time zones, or just a late morning or afternoon snack during a typical day in the office. They are also the perfect snack when power shopping or late night lounging. I highly suggest that you try some today.  My favorites are the Blueberry Cocoa and the new Coffee Cocoa Nib.  And believe me, I know SNACKS”.  Daria Snack (for real).


Tyler Helmick

Triathlete, Runner, U.S. Navy, Healthy Living Guy, Ironman Competitor


“Simply Chopped Snack Bars are certainly my go to snack as this is a great product that strives for health.  Made to perfection with outstanding flavors, these snack bars are simply the best. The composition allows for slow steady energy that is needed for the long haul.”


Krysti Cox

Registered Nurse, Mother, Wife

“I LOVE LOVE LOVE these bars!!! I can't say enough about them. Healthy, taste great and very filling!! And I love Angela!! So happy to see your bars are going Nation-Wide!! The world deserves to try your awesome creations for sure.  I have to admit, I love the 2 bars per pack concept. Working long hours as a Nurse in the hospital can be exhausting, so eating one “now” and then “later” is perfect, especially when I can’t sit down to eat a real meal.  The ingredients are clean, and the combination of nuts and dates doesn’t give me that crash so many other bars do!  Keep doing what you’re doing!”


The Gear Nuts

"Simply Chopped® is a company with a goal. You can tell they have a strong passion for food just by their quality ingredients and the hand made process to produce these delicious morsels.  You can tell the second you bite into one of the snack bars that they have simplified things by containing only ingredients that you can pronounce.  It’s great to know "what" you’re eating and to be able to "see it" in every bite is even better.   We’ve fallen in love with these bars, they are simply delicious!   Every Simply Chopped® Snack Bar is Dairy free, Egg free, Gluten free (and Certified Gluten Free), Cane Sugar free, Soy free, Wheat free, and contains no MSG or Palm Oil. They are also Certified Kosher, if you were your family require this.   Simple, delicious, snacks that you can feel good about eating.

Not to mention, the Founder Angela is passionate about giving back to reputable charitable organizations; you can see the various places that she in the company have given back to. Humane Society, ASPCA, Good Mews, Oceana, Coral Reef Alliance and others.   That’s why we were very excited for the opportunity to write this delicious review.

Here at the Gear Nuts we are self-proclaimed peanut butter and honey connoisseurs, so naturally we were a little  skeptical about this particular flavor.  Fighting each other down to the last square we were pleasantly surprised at just how good this flavor was.  All the natural ingredients really stood out and enhanced the flavor. One of the best blends we’ve tasted.

So not only are we nuts about gear, were also nuts about nuts! The pistachio and almond snack bar was super filling and hearty among other things. We really like the hint of cloves in this bar and how the pistachio flavor is mild but builds with every bite.

Head over to their website and check them out at and order some delicious bars. You can also “Like” them on Facebook, follow them on Twitter and/or check out their images on Instagram to stay up to date on products and industry related news."

See ya on the trails,

Alex and Clay
The Gear Nuts


Dr. Katherine S.

World Traveler, Global Director of a Fortune 500 Company

"As a frequent international business traveler ( > 100,000 mile per year), my diet is constantly challenged (try routinely finding healthy food at an airport not to mention on the planes). I love fresh and dried fruit, but it is often not allowed internationally so I tend to carry packaged snack bars (I’ve never had these confiscated like they do fruit).  I used to be a fan of Cliff Bars until I found Simply Chopped. What a difference (compare the ingredients on Cliff vs. Simply Chopped). I especially like the absence of preservatives and cane syrup (aka sugar) that I find in many other products (as far as I can tell the sugar on the nutritional label in Simply Chopped seems to be what is found in the dates, honey and fruit - now that’s natural). The name says it all, and they are delectable.

I actually enjoy eating them versus just trying to satiate my hunger.   They also have a great density which is very different from most of the other bars that seem to use fillers (presumably to pump up the volume but often making the bars less than satisfying to bite into).  These bars travel great, even on my trips to SE Asia where the weather can be hot and humid. I was surprised at just how filling they are; much more so than many of the competitive products.

Thank you Simply Chopped!  Please keep making a quality product and don’t give in to the pressure to cheapen your bars like so many of the other products out there!"