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Simply Chopped Story

Simply Chopped® is not a spun marketing creation nor what we think our customers want to hear.  It’s just who we are, people like you.  We too want products without ingredients that sound like they came from a chemistry textbook. We want healthy food made right here in the USA.

As a competitive cyclist back in the 1980’s, I was frustrated by the limited snack bar options available for athletes. So, using just a food processor and ingredients I knew and liked, I made my own.  Moist, portable, and crafted with sustainable energy sources like local honey and nuts, these bars helped power me through countless hours of training and competition.

Jump forward to the mid 1990’s while on active duty in the US Army and these bars again proved a great source of sustenance and energy, and I could easily make them in the barracks with minimal equipment.

After completing my service and receiving an honorable discharge, I moved to the Northeast to complete my medical education as an Advanced Practice Professional (PA).  These bars were a great way to power up for those long nights of study.

From these origins came the Simply Chopped® snack bars I am proud to offer today.  I was encouraged to launch my own company and it wasn’t just to start a business; it was a lot more than that.  Despite the proliferation of snack bars in the market, many lacked a great taste, were often full of fillers or failed to satiate.  Also, the founding of Simply Chopped® gave us a way to pursue things important to all of us involved, like eco-friendly production practices, raising awareness of the importance of a healthy diet and lifestyle, and supporting organizations dedicated to Earth and its inhabitants.

Importantly, our product is Gluten, Soy, Egg, Wheat, Rice, Cane Sugar and Dairy free. We want you to know what you are eating and to have the confidence to share it with family and friends.

Simply put, we are Simply Chopped®.